Jerry's  Core Beliefs


Beliefs are very important and are shaped throughout one's lifetime.  So, when people of like values and mindset collaborate great ideas germinate and grow.  This does not mean people need to be robotically aligned in a homogeneous manner, quite the contrary.  In fact, diverse points of view always result in a greater solution to any challenge.  

Beliefs are the foundation to setting and achieving any vision

Jerry has many core beliefs including:

  • Values differentiate people more than mere skills
  • Everyone has a great gift within them that could be helpful to others
  • Many informed people working on an issue is generally better than an isolated few
  • An inclusive culture forwards the best thinking
  • Innovation comes from everywhere not a department
  • Authenticity is a sign of personal and brand confidence
  • People are generally good and want to do what is right
  • The best is yet to come
  • Decisions should always be financially responsible
  • Organizations are either growing or decaying . . . there is no status quo
  • Brands are owned by consumers not companies
  • Passion, purpose and profit can co-exist
  • Crisp, well thought-out, objectives are more important than fancy strategies
  • Real experience trumps theory
  • Change is exciting and creates great opportunities
  • Always hire values and train skills
  • The front line already knows what the leaders need to do to win