Public Speaker

Public Speaker

Jerry greatly enjoys speaking to many types of audiences.  He has a gift for delivering relevant content in a manner that is engaging, informative and customized for each audience.  He approaches each engagement with serious preparation, specific message points, and a keen focus on connecting with the audience.

Succeeding Locally in the NOW Economy

June 2016

Blowing Rock, NC

How can a local store compete to win in today’s NOW Economy?  What strategies should a regional retailer adopt to become their shoppers’ top choice?

Wilson's keynote address at  a National Technology Conference 

Wilson's keynote address at  a National Technology Conference 

This past June, Jerry Wilson answered these and many other important questions during his dynamic keynote address at the “Ignite,” Executive Summit held in the beautiful setting of Blowing Rock, NC.  Hosted by ECRS-The Retail Solutions Company, this national conference attracted 150 chief executives representing natural food stores, regional retailers, and leading technology firms from across the country. 

Wilson outlined specific steps local retailers should consider to succeed in the NOW Economy.  The executives in the audience received his inspiring thesis and the series of actionable strategies with great enthusiasm. 

His sixty-minute keynote address opened the summit with content including:

  • Embracing the dynamics of the NOW Economy
  • Leveraging strengths as a trusted local retailer
  • Assessing the expansive competitive set
  • Understanding the USA consumer landscape and shopper behaviors
  • Becoming the shopper’s top choice
  • Creating a frictionless shopper experience
  • Differentiating the customer experience
  • Building an authentic local brand
  • Succeeding with the Four E’s
  • Environment
  • Experience
  • Engagement
  • Economics
  • Leadership as the “X” Factor

During the next two days, Wilson interacted with individual retail executives to discuss their own specific opportunities and challenges.  Each attending Chief Executive had an individual area of interest and Wilson collaborated 1:1 with them to craft potential solutions they could execute locally.

The executive summit exceeded expectations and ignited fresh thinking to equip influential retailers with tangible strategies to succeed locally in the NOW Economy.


What Business Are YOU In?

February 2016

San Jose, CA

The National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) represents over $25 Billion in annual revenue and over 1,250 member companies within the US Vending and Refreshment Services industry.  The executive board organized the NAMA Executive Forum of more than 125 Chief Executives to facilitate an open dialogue to learn, converse, and share ideas of how to transform the industry.

Jerry delivers a transformational keynote address to                 Chief Executive Officers,   "What Business Are YOU In?"

Jerry delivers a transformational keynote address to                 Chief Executive Officers, "What Business Are YOU In?"


Jerry Wilson was engaged to create and deliver an opening keynote address to illuminate the changing consumer landscape in order to provoke innovative thinking and transformative approaches.  During his address he presented compelling consumer facts and insights to highlight the immense consumer opportunity these leaders have to provide fresh and creative consumer solutions.

His address, “What Business Are YOU In?” was designed to open the minds of successful executives in a changing world.  Based upon data, insights, and trends Wilson shaped a customized message grounded in consumer, technology and cultural shifts in order to challenge conventional wisdom.  

Wilson proposed a transformational paradigm of thinking that introduced new business models for consideration. 


The executives responded very favorably to the elements of his presentation that included:

  • Overview of the USA demographic trends
  • Consumer segmentation
  • Retail fragmentation
  • Dynamics of food and beverage categories
  • New business model (From B to B To Consumer-centric)
  •  Innovative strategic planning process
  • Opportunity based rather than historically based
  • Brand positioning process
  • Leadership challenge

Jerry’s keynote address combined data, new business models and proactive leadership in a manner that influenced executives in a traditional business to consider fresh ideas that can reinvent the industry over time.


The New Leadership Mandate

  Keynote Address - Jerry presented the Leadership Mandate to Marketing Executives

Keynote Address - Jerry presented the Leadership Mandate to Marketing Executives

During the Next Generation Customer Experience Summit, presented by GDS International, Jerry addressed over 150 executive delegates as the Keynote Speaker in Miami, FL.  His message was well received as a refreshing perspective of how to succeed in today's marketplace.  Supported with extensive global demographic projections, macro-economic data, and consumer trends he clearly developed the call for leadership action by all marketers.  With so much uncertainty in today's world, there is one absolute certainty which creates a strategic Leadership Mandate.  Now is the time for CEOs and executive committees to shift from a pure cost-cutting, head count reduction obsession to a growth agenda of creating a uniquely Branded Customer Experience.  No longer can executives ignore gaps in their customer experience with the convergence of mobile technology and social media.  "Consumers," previously "targeted" by brands, have evolved into people who are empowered to establish and lead the conversation that will shape how successful brands will be perceived in the market.  Ultimately, executive committee discussions must begin with substantial, honest dialogue about the quality of the customer experience, not the next move by the European Central Bank, and organizations that allocate resources toward a Branded Customer Experience will be the winners.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking allows Jerry to share his global experience in consumer branding, strategic planning, customer value creation, people development, collaboration, turn-around situations, and many more topics with organizations that may face similar challenges.  Frequently, he returns for encore presentations due to his ability to resonate with people in a genuine and authentic manner.

With over 100 public speeches in the past few years these are a few examples:

Jerry addresses Delegates during the Consumer Goods Forum event in Berlin, Germany

Jerry addresses Delegates during the Consumer Goods Forum event in Berlin, Germany

  • NG Customer Experience
  • Pepperdine University, Distinguished Speaker Series
  • Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC) Partner and Director National Conference
  • Argyle Executive Forum, Leadership in Retail and Consumer Forum
  • Global Commerce Initiative
  • Sodexo Healthcare Leadership Conference
  • GSU Executive Leadership Forum
  • University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Business School
  • CEO Conference
  • Network of Executive Women National Conference
  • University of Georgia, Terry School Leadership Speaker Series
  • Consumer Goods Forum, Future Leaders Program