Managing Brand YOU

Managing Brand YOU

As co-author of the book Managing Brand YOU, Seven Steps to Creating Your Most Successful Self, Jerry has been able to develop his passion into a useful process for personal branding.  Developing people has always been an area of leadership that has been of great personal interest to Jerry.  Early in his career, he realized that his teams might not always achieve the aggressive growth targets, market share goals, or profit objectives set for his organizations.  After all, the market conditions change quickly and sometimes the cost of delivering short-term goals outweigh the benefit to long-term strategic priorities.

However, one thing that was always within his control was the ability to create a great place to work.  This meant doing simple things well.  So, Jerry learned how to put people first by:

  • conducting meaningful performance reviews, with quarterly check-in discussions
  • co-creating annual objectives with his team
  • providing competency based coaching and feedback
  • understanding the personal ambitions of his team
  • allowing people to be themselves at work

While these leadership skills may seem a bit elementary, in fact, they actually set a leader apart from the others who barely go through the motions.

So, what he found was that this reputation always resulted in top people wanting to be part of this type of culture and discipline of development.  Consequently, by attracting and developing the top talent, Jerry's teams consistently achieved and exceeded those aggressive business targets.  

Talent development works!!

This concept led Jerry to embrace the concept that People Development is THE most important element of any leader's responsibility.  Yet, there was no real system in place to allow people to be true to themselves while growing their professional skills.

This realization drove Jerry to experiment with the notion that people are actually Brands.  With his 30+ years of brand building experience he customized a system, leveraging consumer branding techniques to put these principles to work for individuals.  After several years of tweaking, modifications, and tool building, Managing Brand YOU was published by AMACOM Publishing.  

The entire premise is grounded in the premise that everyone has great strengths and they are unique in their own special way.  Managing Brand YOU provides a patented step-by-step guide to allow anyone (teacher, student, home maker, accountant, sales person, CEO, or retail cashier, displaced worker, you get the picture - Everyone) to create their own personal brand that is meant to empower everyone to live their most successful life.

7 Steps to Creating Your Most Successful Self        

  1. Brand YOU Audit - "Who am I, and how did I become this Person?"
  2. Brand YOU Image- "What is the perception others have of me?"
  3. Brand YOU Identity - "What do I want to stand for?"
  4. Brand YOU Positioning - "What makes me unique and special?"
  5. Brand YOU Objectives - "What are my SMART objectives to achieve my Positioning?"
  6. Brand YOU Strategies - "What options are available, and how will I accomplish my objectives?"
  7. Brand YOU Implementation Plan - "How will I commit, track, monitor, and adjust my action plan?"

Managing Brand YOU, provides the reader with easy to follow consumer brands, personal brands, and the helpful worksheets for anyone to follow.  A fictitious person goes through the process as a surrogate for the reader to better apply the learning to their own life.

Jerry S. Wilson provides independent coaching to executives and works with People Leaders to optimize talent and teams .